Want to find a specific product mentioned in one of my articles?  Here’s a comprehensive list of everything reviewed, with links!

Health and Safety products

AlcoMate Premium Professional Breathalyzer (Amazon)


Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, Rob Bell (Amazon)
Rising Strong
, Brené Brown (Amazon)
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Dr. Robert Cialdini (Amazon)
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
, Dr. Joe Dispenza (Amazon)
Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout, Laura Jane Grace (Amazon)
Creative Writing: From Think to Ink, Simeon Lindstrom (Amazon)
The Cure: What if God Isn’t Who You Think He Is and Neither are You, Lynch, McNicol, Thrall (Amazon)
F**k It: Do What You Want, John Parkin (Amazon)
A Creative Guide to Exploring Your Life, Ramsay, Sweet (Amazon)
The Rules to Break, Richard Templar (Amazon)
What On Earth Am I Here For?, Rick Warren (Amazon)


This is a helpful grammar checking app.  Also available as a browser plugin so you can edit almost any text entry on the internet on the fly.  Never post bad grammar on Facebook again!

Hemmingway App
This free app edits your writings for unnecessary adverbs, passive voice and sentences that are too long and/or difficult to read.  I always run my writings through this app before publishing.  Available as a free web app or a paid standalone download.

Elegant Themes
I use the Divi Builder by Elegant Themes on many of my other web ventures.  It is a professional, yet simple way to design a hot looking website.

Ready to take a step up from and take your website to the next level?  Bluehost is one of the best values around, with a very easy to use interface and with full support.  I have my revenue generating websites hosted by Bluehost.

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