Rock bottom is a harsh term. However, no matter how much most of us feel like we’ve hit it, there is a harsher reality: you can actually fall further. But you can also get back up. When faced with such a crossroads, we have to acknowledge that we have not quite hit rock bottom yet, and we have a choice. We can go up or we can go down.

Getting up is difficult. No matter how much we love a good story of redemption, the truth is, it’s hard to get there. It takes humility, vulnerability, a lot of fight and yes, will probably involve a few failures or missteps along the way.

That’s what this is about.  A resources for those who are at the crossroads. Those who want to get back up, and are still in the process of doing so.

Self-help books? I have a ton of them, and will be reading and reviewing them from my perspective. Someone who needs help, someone who is trying to get back up. These aren’t reviews from a successful media figure or professional writer. These are real reviews from someone who is in their target audience.

Products to improve your life, health and safety? I’ll review those as well, and demonstrate how they can be integrated into your life to make it better.

These are not paid reviews. These are real reviews by someone who has read the books in search of the good and the bad. These are real reviews by someone who has used the products and applied them to every day situations.

Along the way, I’ll also share tips, how-to instructions, life-hacks and other useful information based on my own experiences.

My name is Alex. I live in Virginia. I’m in my mid-30’s. I have a couple of failed domestic relationships, stumbled through a career burnout and attempted change and ran into legal troubles along the way, of which I’m still facing the consequences. It’s not quite rock bottom, but it’s not exactly a charmed life either. But just know, as I generate content on this site, I’ve been there. My stories are real, honest, vulnerable. I am there, right now. I am with you. You are with me.

Let’s help each other.